New song „Grau“ out now

Today is the release of „Grau“ (Grey), our first new song in four years. It is a standalone track that has to be considered detached from the upcoming album and will be released digital only. You can find it on all streaming services.
After the last years of pandemics we missed playing concerts very much. To capture the feel and the dynamics of a live show we decided to record all the instruments together in a live session.
„Grau“ was mixed by Live Audio Engineer and Producer Sebastian Pieper.

Livestream Gig: One-hour-set on August 15th

As you know, our last concert was with Downfall of Gaia before the Corona pandemic. Thanks to the awesome team of Speicher100 we now finally have the chance to be part of a livestream in our hometown Dortmund. Called „lovestream“, we will play for an hour on Saturday 15th, beginning at 9pm. We prepared plenty of new songs over the last months. Menschenstaub – Crust/Sludge newcomers from Dortmund – will open the evening at 8pm. Check out the event on Youtube or at Facebook. We are looking forward t see you checking it out and enjoying the show from a save distance. Let the love flow!

New Songs and a show with Downfall of Gaia in Bochum on March 6

Admittedly, we played not that many shows within the last months. The reason: At the moment we’re working intense at a new album and already started the pre-production. Nevertheless, on March 6th we play our first show this year. And the gig-year 2020 starts with a blast: We have the honor to share stage with mighty Downfall of Gaia at the „Matrix“ in Bochum next week, together with Implore. We’re really looking forward for this one!

Stream des Songs Abend bei invisibleoranges

Es gibt ein neues Stück von uns zu hören: „Abend“. Kennerinnen und Kenner wissen, dass wir vor zwei Jahren schon einmal ein Demo des Liedes veröffentlicht haben. Die Albumversion jetzt hat aber nicht nur einen ganz anderen Sound: Wir sind auch sehr froh, Nikita Kamprad von „Der Weg einer Freiheit“ als Gastsänger in dem Stück zu haben. Den Exklusivstream und eine schöne Review dazu gibt es bei invisibleoranges.