New song „Grau“ out now

Today is the release of „Grau“ (Grey), our first new song in four years. It is a standalone track that has to be considered detached from the upcoming album and will be released digital only. You can find it on all streaming services.
After the last years of pandemics we missed playing concerts very much. To capture the feel and the dynamics of a live show we decided to record all the instruments together in a live session.
„Grau“ was mixed by Live Audio Engineer and Producer Sebastian Pieper.

Only Show in 2021 – with five new songs.

Probably there is no need to say: 2021 was still a shaky year for live shows; especially for smaller underground venues. But now we’ve got the chance to return to stage after 16 months. On December 17th we play legendary Punk Venue Rattenloch in Schwerte. We’ll play a headliner set with 4 Songs of the upcoming Album, one more new song and a few of the Auf Grund-Record as well. The evening will be the „Eris“-Record Release Show of Dortmunds Post Metal Outfit Cendre. Drone Duo Hjortgud complete the Lineup. The evening is hosted by the young Untier Collective and follows the 3G-rules (vaccinated, recovered, or tested). We can’t wait to see you again in December.

Livestream Gig: One-hour-set on August 15th

As you know, our last concert was with Downfall of Gaia before the Corona pandemic. Thanks to the awesome team of Speicher100 we now finally have the chance to be part of a livestream in our hometown Dortmund. Called „lovestream“, we will play for an hour on Saturday 15th, beginning at 9pm. We prepared plenty of new songs over the last months. Menschenstaub – Crust/Sludge newcomers from Dortmund – will open the evening at 8pm. Check out the event on Youtube or at Facebook. We are looking forward t see you checking it out and enjoying the show from a save distance. Let the love flow!

New Songs and a show with Downfall of Gaia in Bochum on March 6

Admittedly, we played not that many shows within the last months. The reason: At the moment we’re working intense at a new album and already started the pre-production. Nevertheless, on March 6th we play our first show this year. And the gig-year 2020 starts with a blast: We have the honor to share stage with mighty Downfall of Gaia at the „Matrix“ in Bochum next week, together with Implore. We’re really looking forward for this one!

Herbstschauer III

Our favorite season has come, so it’s time for a beloved tradition again: For the third time we’ll play an autumn show at one of our favorite venues ever. This time we share the stage with Caleya from Hamburg. Last year we were asked to team up with them and yes – let’s do this, nice to welcome them at Rattenloch Schwerte! And with A Secret Revealed we have a band, with whom our ways crossed quite a few times in our history. Earlier this year they released their Album „Sacrifices“ and Caleya released their new EP „Lethe“ in September. Right now we’re finishing new material, so we’ll play a few new songs. We’re really looking forward to this one.

Show in Weimar canceled

We are very sad, that we can’t play the show with Hexer and Beltez on Saturday in Weimar, but Maik had an accident this tuesday. He’s doing okay-ish, but a lumbar and his radius is broken. Probably it will take a little time until Maik will be back to business.

È venuta la Sera

These days our debut album „Auf Grund“ turns one year old — a good occasion for us to release the song, which was a bonus track by now and only known by the ones who used the download code. Now you can find it on Spotify.

„Sera“ is the Italian version of our song „Abend“. The narration is done by Sicilian Songwriter and aspiring activist Giacomo Sferlazzo, tantissimi saluti!

If anyone has Italian speaking friends, who may like this, feel free to share.

Physical Copies of ‚Auf Grund‘ on double vinyl and CD are avaible at WOOAAARGH and Dedication Records.

Two upcoming concerts in October

We are happy that there are two shows for us to play in October. One of them is more southern again, this time in Landau. Thanks to UNIKNEIPE FATAL and Azathoths Nächte for the invitation to this small indoor festival. We’ll play the second day, together with Quallus and Ceased.
The next show is a home match in one of our favorite locations in Schwerte – the town, were the most of us have grown up. We’ll share the stage at Rattenloch with two great bands: our friends in Stereomountain from Cologne – what is always fun – and finally with Black Metal Blast TONGUE from Bielefeld. Who will be there in Schwerte or Landau?

The event in Landau:

Azathoths Naechte

The event in Schwerte:

Herbstschauer II